1st Time Client Special 
Prepare For Expansion
*1st Time Client Special*
  •  Website & Sales Funnel Experts
  •  Digital Marketing & Digital Media
  •  Social Media: Yelp, Google, Facebook, Instagram-Savvy
  •  Dragnet Strategy*: Ad Spend, Google Ranking, SEO, Original Blogs
  •  Content Creation: BIO, Video, Scripts, Articles, etc.
  •  Business Development
  •  Sale & Marketing Strategies
Websites Are Dead!
Sales Funnels Are Live!
Follow - Up
It's a lot easier to get someone to go to your page than it is to keep them there, or even better, get your websites' traffic to actually convert into a paid customer. Our web pages are designed to inspire your traffic (potential customers) to engage with you and your business. Engagement is key! We can help with getting an increased amount of traffic to your website with creative marketing tactics. Our strategies can help you bring a lot of traffic to your webpages. With that said, our main focus is to keep clients engaged with your website. Offering them valuable information and opportunities to receive discounts and new, relevant information toward the products and services you offer. Remember the key difference between a website and a sales funnel is that a website gives good information, but a sales funnel engages your website's visitors to ultimately convert them into long-lasting revenue for you and your business.
Now, what do you do with this engagement between your website visitors and your business?

I have heard from a personal mentor that "the fortune is in the follow-up." Through testing and analyzing the marketplace for over 10 years, the advice still seems to be true. Our conclusion is that the more you follow up, the more you will earn. This must be done with a strategic method that is both valuable for the audience to continue engagement and information about new products and deals. We develop a customized follow-up plan and also manage the execution. We help you give your customer's value before they are even a paying customer. We help you design a strategy around emails, text messages, voice calls, and/or mailers to create results. JZ Marketing turns casual customers into long-term customers.

Entrepreneur Expansion Level
Every entrepreneur must have the fundamentals in place before they start paid advertising campaigns. We created this plan to be in reach of just about anyone. Our clients find this to be the most effective way to start creating campaigns with such a little investment.  
  • Content: Create positive, engaging content for your audience to enjoy.
  • Connect: There are so many people who need your product, they just don't know it yet. We build a campaign to connect those people with your company.
  • Credibility: Customers need to know that your company will get the job done. With our campaigns, you will show the world you are a true professional.
Entrepreneur + Expansion Level
This is erfect for the more advanced entrepreneur or business owner who wants to create a strong impact within their network.
  • Double the Exposure: This will give you twice as many blog posts and twice as much social reach.
  • Facebook Organic Maximizer: Our network of Facebook entrepreneurs will share, like, and invite their networks to your page, creating exponential growth.  
  • Social Responder:​Receive more Facebook, Yelp, and Google reviews with our proven strategies.
Business-Builder Expansion Level
This is a premier plan for the serious business owner ready to create a massive movement  & 10x their production.
  • Ad Spend Management: It is a game-changer when you start to invest in ads.
  •  Quarterly Mastermind Events: These events are exclusively for our clients only. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive 1-on-1 coaching from our marketing experts.
  • Unlimited Software Hosting
  •  Digital Marketing Management
  •  SEO Blog Creation *with ad design & placement 
  •  Yelp, Google, Facebook Foundation
  •  Social Responder & Social Maintance
  •  Social Media Organic Maximizer
  •  Email Campaign Creation & Maintenance
  •  Newsletter Creation & Maintenance
  •  Sales Funnel Creation & Maintenance
  •  Monthly Maintance
  •  Facebook Started *includes post
  •  Facebook Ad Manager *includes ad designs.
  •  Monthly Video Content *Complete design for one 15-sec video each month.
  •  Quarterly Mastermind Live Access
The 2 Main Keys To Our Success
Communication is the key to success. You will notice from day one, JZ Marketing is listening to you and paying attention to how you are communicating your brand in the marketplace. JZ Marketing will help you mold your communication to become more effective in creating the vision your company is working toward. Communication is the only way to share your story, express your vision, and persuade your audience to contribute. JZ Marketing will help you become more effective in your communication; therefore, increase your level of effectiveness into the marketplace.
Focus On The Needs
Sometimes what we want is not what we need and what we need is not what we want. JZ Marketing looks at the numbers, the data, and sees what works and what doesn't work. Most people don't like tests, we never have, but Market Testing is critical for success. Without wasting money, JZ Marketing will develop a plethora of marketing strategies, and after careful analysis, will help determine what works best. We start with the basics. After working with JZ Marketing for 6+ months, you can expect major results. Let us help you grow your business.

 Meet The Team 
Justin Rodriguez
Co-Founder (CTO)
Justin Rodriguez is a veteran who served 6 years honorably with the United States Navy as a Cryptologist. After 6 years and 2 deployments to Iraq, Justin decided to get out of the military life to start a family. He traded his intelligence job for a more simple life in I.T. in 2008. With a Bachelor's in Network and Communications Management from Devry University, Pomona, Justin has managed I.T. for hospitals, supported multiple types of G.I.S. software with ESRI, and has spent the last few years supporting Enterprise Websites for multi-million-dollar start-up companies as an engineer. Justin has also been a life long martial artist. He began training in American Kickboxing as a young kid, and has since been active in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo and Combat Sambo, Catch Wrestling, and Boxing. He regularly competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and loves coaching and teaching.
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Project Manager:
Anthony S.
Josh O.
Jovoun B.
Chief Content Editor
Liz D.
Creative Leader
Now Hiring ...
Specialty Blogger:
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“Our Company Operates Under Greatness, And How We Define Greatness Is Simple... Service To Many Leads To Greatness"
Zachary D'Amato
Zachary D'Amato
Co-Founder (CEO)
Zachary, a serial entrepreneur, has spent much of his life perfecting the art of sales. Zachary believes in giving back to the community. He regularly volunteers his time at Soup Kitchens in the city of Chino. As a mentor for young and underprivileged youth, he has volunteered as a wrestling coach at local high schools. Zachary truly believes that having integrity in your own life can make a difference in the world. He encourages everyone not to worry about making a living, but to be passionate about creating a life worth living. With over 10 years of experience in sales, he is ready to share his knowledge with all business owners who are ready to take their businesses to the next level.
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The collaboration of two great organizations to create one great result!

Why JZ Marketing?

JZ Marketing helps businesses create effective marketing strategies to generate new customers and help returning customer stay connected. They build and execute! With this partnership of JZ Marketing and Wealth Traveler, we are even better positioned to serve our clients.

Vision Statement:

We are a team of entrepreneurs, representing contribution, integrity, and trust. We are committed to helping the next generation achieve their dream lifestyle and leave a legacy. By developing a dynasty of mentors, making personal development & leadership the focus, we are able to be more effective when distributing better products & better services into the marketplace.
  • Marketing Technology: certified Facebook ads, auto bots, e-mail campaigns, sales funnels, auto triggers, pixel installation, Yelp, Google, and much more.
  •  SEO:​The content we publish is keyword-specific, and meta data is inputted for increase in Google rankings.
  • Content Creation: Give your followers something good to look at. Make sure your clients are getting informed about your industry by your company. This way next time they think about buying, they know you are the expert.
  • Sales Experts: We are not just online marketers, but we know how to close. With our proven closing strategies we can help you increase your closing ratio 10X.
  • Product Development: Don't have a product yet? No problem! Let us help you research, design, and distribute your new product or take your current products and do a repackaging for increased sales.
  •  Training & Support: Our long-term mindset helps us design a customer satisfaction protocol like no other. We are here to provide continuous training and support to ensure optimum results. 
Carlson Gracie 
Customer: Carlson Gracie
Project: New Membership Partnership 
Isaiah's Rock
Customer: Isaiah's Rock
System by: Complete Website Build 
Kevin Gantos
Customer: Kevin Gantos
Project: American Dream Book Funnel
A2Z 123 Real Estate
Real Estate & Mortgage
- Book Funnels
- Lead Generations
Blogs Partners
MMA Studio Finder
Health & Fitness
- Intro Funnel
- Business Development
Inland Family Optometry
- S/M Management
- Website &Hosting
BMR Drafting
Customer: Business Professional 
Project: Website & Hosting
Customer: Multiple Carriers via Lifeline
Project: Develop Sales Distribution
Ascend Global Services
Customer: Ascend Global Services
Project: Expand Online Distribution 

Read Real Success Stories From Our Community.

Carlos, Real Estate Entrepreneur

Meet Carlos, he was interested in affiliate marketing, watching a lot of Youtube videos, but never made the leap into doing it himself. He only needed a little encouragement and maybe some guidance. 30 days after working with JZ Marketing, he was able to secure 4 new affiliates and now his real estate business is generating more leads than ever before.

Queenie, Optometrist Owner

Before working with JZ Marketing, she was running a successful optometrist business. Then our project manager showed her how she was missing out by not creating engagement online. Now that she has been working with the team for over a year, she is getting more new patients with online efforts than her offline marketing efforts.

Liz, Network Marketing (CBD  Oil)

Liz needed a new perspective, she was getting stuck in a particular park in her online marketing. Then after 30 minutes talking to Zach, she was able to generate new ideas that became profitable immediately after implementing. 
Sabrina, Network Marketing (Hair Treatment)
Sabrina reached out to JZ Marketing because she wanted to take her network marketing business to the next level. She was not very techy, and had very little time to put into designing an online marketing strategies, so she hired us. Now, she has been working with JZ marketing and her online presence is growing rapidly

Marcus, MMA Gym Owner

Before working with Zach and JZ Marketing, Marcus spent thousands of dollars creating a website and did nothing but cost him money. He wanted to launch a new campaign that would introduce his book to his fan-base but he wasn't very technical, so it was discouraging to get started. Then, he got connected with JZ Marketing through a friend and everything changed. At first, he was skeptical because other companies charge thousands of dollars and JZ marketing had such a low cost to entry but he got started nonetheless and after working with us, it was obvious, they know how to generate results.
Still Have Questions About What A Sales Funnel is?
Sales Funnel 101
Learn how a sales funnel will help you.
Create Effective Content
We do not just create warm and fuzzy content, but we use the optimum wording and visualizations to engage your potential customers and convert them into long term fans of your products and your services. 
Easy Hosting & Support
Our one of a kind software and hosting platforms give a modern look while continuing to enhance effectiveness by utilizing the best online automation and strategies.  Let us handle the technical stuff.

JZ Marketing helps your business by providing state-of-the-art marketing strategies. We bring you customers, you provide the service.

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